Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Glass Castle Review

I found a review for Jeanette Walls ‘The Glass Castle’ from, written in 2008. The website describes itself as “an online book club designed to make finding great books easier while enjoying the camaraderie of other book lovers.”

The website describes the book as a “powerful read” and not only because of the extraordinary ‘rags to riches’ story, but also because of Jeannette Wall’s clear-cut writing style which allows the audience to experience her life as though you were entangled in the middle of it. Another point that the reviewer notes is Wall’s lack of judgment throughout the book; her father is an alcoholic, her mother is highly irresponsible, and their lifestyle is wandering and poverty stricken, yet the reader does not necessarily feel hatred for the parents. We see them through Wall’s eyes, so we instead pity them and judge them as deeply flawed human beings with bouts of some charm and appeal.

The review is quite short and gives one criticism that they felt at times that the book was repetitive with its constant theme of neglect as the father loses another job, fleeing again in the middle of the night, and the mother being continually self absorbed. However, the reviewer then somewhat rescinds this criticism as they state “Then I realise, someone lived this life and survived; an amazing story”.

Overall, the review is positive towards ‘The Glass Castle’ and summarises it as “a must read to those who enjoy a good memoir, but will also appeal to those who like character driven novels and a good story.”

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